Ben Haslam Racing | The Team
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The Team


Our small team of staff work tirelessly here at Castle Hill Stables to give each horse the individual care and attention it deserves. Ever cheerful, their passion for the horses shows through on a daily basis.

Alice Haslam

Alice rides out in the mornings, showing a marked preference for the jump horses as she gets older, and is generally with the horses at the races if you want to come ay hello!

Mia Carter-Wilson

Mia is never without a smile on her face, and always helps lift the spirits of the yard on a Monday morning! She is brilliant with young horses, and does a fantastic job of breaking in our yearlings alongside her fiancee Callum. She is equally as fantastic with the horses in training, and injects plenty of fun into every day here.

Grant Wright

Frankly, Grant is just great and a dream to work with. Happy driving the horsebox around the country, he is invaluable at home and at the races. A bit of a hero!

JP and Frank

The Assistant Trainer’s! JP runs the roost here at Castle Hill stables, and can often be found running alongside the horses to check how fast they are going. He is also a very adept stalls handler, as well as an excellent lucky mascot. Probably the most spoilt Assistant trainer in Britain, he doesn’t like to get out of bed before second lot… He has recently been joined by his son, Frank, and has had his nose put rather out of joint by the arrival of such an obnoxious Pupil Assistant.

Jennie Durrans

We were delighted to welcome Jennie to Castle Hill – a beautiful rider, she has been associated with some top class horses in the past and we feel lucky to have her!


The muscle man of the yard, Graham is a machine, and his strength is always appreciated by all when were getting through the mucking out!

Kelly Bostock

Kelly has recently joined us and is fitting into the team well. We look forward to seeing her progression.

Darren King

Darren is our main man here at Castle Hill Stables, and probably the most organised, not to mention clean, Head Lad going! He is a huge help to Ben and takes a lot of pressure off by ensuring the yard is run smoothly. He is expecting a baby with Faye which is very exciting!

Part time staff:

Steve Rabjohn

James Wise

Claire Ramsay

Claire is a huge help at Castle Hill Stables and adores her horses.

Cath Goode

Cath is our saving grace in the office, and has patience in bundles as demands get thrown at her left right and centre! She is always good humoured and the office is a nice place to escape for a break and a chat when you need one.


No racing yard is complete without it’s own version of a Formula 1 Pit Team, and we are eternally grateful to our physio, farriers and vets for the sterling work they do here at Castle Hill Stables to keep all our horses in tip top form all year round

Marike Bronke

Marike is our brilliant physio, who works wonders with our horses on a regular basis. Racehorses have a lot of physical demands put on them, and we really rely on her to make sure they are comfortable and able to do their job to the best of their ability. She has a real feel for horses, and they all love her visits.

Oliver Lees

The truest saying in racing is ‘no foot, no horse,’ and we are thrilled to have Ollie here to ensure ours are in fine form! Every horse is treated like an individual and he has worked wonders with many of them. A keen hunting man, he brings a huge sense of humour and a fairly interesting singing voice into the yard!

Baker McVeigh

We are so pleased to be able to call on the huge experience of the Baker McVeigh team, who must surely be the top performance vets worldwide. They are an invaluable asset to keeping our horses in top nick.