Ben Haslam Racing | The Team
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The Team


Our small team of staff work tirelessly here at Castle Hill Stables to give each horse the individual care and attention it deserves. Ever cheerful, their passion for the horses shows through on a daily basis.

Alice Haslam

Alice and Ben have recently got married, which was a nice start to the season! Alice rides out, as well as being in charge of the social media and website.

Faye Bainbridge

Faye is a wonderful addition to the yard, and keeps everyone smiling and motivated through the early mornings and cold days! She has a huge amount of experience with the horses, having spent ten years in Newmarket, and we were so pleased when she made the decision to move back to the North. She has her own horse, Kevin, who she will be out and about on this year flying the flag for ex-racehorses.

Grant Wright

Frankly, Grant is just great and a dream to work with. Happy driving the horsebox around the country, he is invaluable at home and at the races. A bit of a hero!


The Assistant Trainer! JP runs the roost here at Castle Hill stables, and can often be found running alongside the horses to check how fast they are going. He is also a very adept stalls handler, as well as an excellent lucky mascot. Probably the most spoilt Assistant trainer in Britain, he doesn’t like to get out of bed before second lot…

Part time staff:

Martin Henney

Steve Rabjohn

Mia Wilson

Callum Millar


The muscle man of the yard, Graham is a machine, and his strength is always appreciated by all when were getting through the mucking out!

Emily Yates

The youngest member of our team, Emily has been quick to impress with both her ability in the saddle and her hard working attitude. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for her!

Helen Cuming

Helen first arrived in Middleham in 2001 to work for Ben’s father Patrick as Racing Secretary, so has known Ben since he was just 16! She has been a part of the office ever since and transferred to helping Ben when he took out his licence in 2010. She now takes care of the yard accounts and last year started her own business offering a payroll & bookkeeping service to local small businesses –


No racing yard is complete without it’s own version of a Formula 1 Pit Team, and we are eternally grateful to our physio, farriers and vets for the sterling work they do here at Castle Hill Stables to keep all our horses in tip top form all year round

Marike Bronke

Marike is our brilliant physio, who works wonders with our horses on a regular basis. Racehorses have a lot of physical demands put on them, and we really rely on her to make sure they are comfortable and able to do their job to the best of their ability. She has a real feel for horses, and they all love her visits.

Oliver Lees

The truest saying in racing is ‘no foot, no horse,’ and we are thrilled to have Ollie here to ensure ours are in fine form! Every horse is treated like an individual and he has worked wonders with many of them. A keen hunting man, he brings a huge sense of humour and a fairly interesting singing voice into the yard!

Baker McVeigh

We are so pleased to be able to call on the huge experience of the Baker McVeigh team, who must surely be the top performance vets worldwide. They are an invaluable asset to keeping our horses in top nick.


Patrick and Anne

Patrick and Anne Haslam are Ben’s wonderful parents, who are on hand every day with invaluable help and advice. Patrick is legendary in the world of training, having sent out over a 1000 winners, managing the rare feat of having one at every racecourse in the country at the time. Such help can never be undervalued, and he has been a huge source of inspiration to Ben throughout his life. Anne is one of the most energetic women around, full of fun, and equally brilliant with the horses. They are a huge part of Castle Hill Stables and it is a pleasure and a privilege to have them here.