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Dancer’s Diary

Dancer’s Diary


imageI was having a quick check round the yard today and went for a quick tour of the office – thought I better check on the paperwork seeing as I’m boss round here (yes, I know Ben holds the licence, but only because of some technical issue with the BRS not letting equines onto the trainers course – ridiculous but at least everyone here knows whose in charge!) Anyway, Alice showed me this website thing and I was rather affronted to not find much mention of myself. Very rude seeing as I’ve been here longer than anyone! However, after lengthy negotiations over how many carrots I would be expecting in my dinner, I have kindly agreed to keep a diary on what me and my mates get up to here at Castle Hill.

In case any of you hadn’t realised by now, I’m Hi Dancer (left, in the ridiculous rug Alice, Sarah and Amy chose me – chickens for heavens sake!), the ‘elder’ statesman of the yard (though I prefer to leave the elder out). Not to blow my own trumpet, but I’m the brave veteran of 104 races and 16 thrilling victories. I’ve been here since I was a yearling, though it was quickly decided I was far too naughty to be left a proper man. Initially upsetting, it turns out life as a slippers and dressing gown gentleman is much simpler without those rather irritating fillies bothering me too much. Life as Dancer is highly relaxing, though I get quite irritated witimageh Ben when he limits my field time – apparently I get podgy, which is rich coming from  him!

My peace has been rather shattered recently as my next door neighbour, Mo (Ever So Much) has been highly upset by the realisation that his career with AP McCoy is definitely over. Ever the optimist, he was praying for his return last year, but the news has now filtered through that AP is to become a Knight – having once won with the great man myself, I think he is just the person for defending the realm and  fighting dragons (Ben said that’s not what they do anymore, but I prefer  to believe my version). Now, I am sadly stuck listening to Mo blab on about his four timer with McCoy, as if he was the only horse here who had benefited from him!

On my left, I’m getting been more earache from Riverlynx, who is revisiting the racecourse on Thursday. Rather off puttingly she grew a hand over the summer, and is now so much taller than me I don’t really dare tell her to shut up. She’s hopeful her new found strength will help her pass the winning post in front this time – I’ve told her it’s a good idea to at least try! Fridge (Freeze A Crowd) (above) is joining her, so I’ve been giving her plenty of tips on how to stay calm this time and give herself a chance. She’s been working hard at home, so hopefully she listens to this wise old bird!

I’ve had a superb winter leading the new yearlings around the Moor (below, with my trademark smile), even if one of the Sir Prancealot colts is disconcertingly tall. Put him in his place a few times mind, he won’t be overtaking me just yet! They were great fun and I was particularly enjoying scattering tHi Dancer leading an Arakan colt and a Lope De Vega colthem with the odd trick, though boringly they have got a bit wise to me and rudely ignore me occasionally – I’ll just have to think of some more! Ben seems rather taken with a few of them, but they shan’t be knocking me off my pedestal as yard favourite just yet.

It has also been rather fun watching the now three year olds coming back into work – superglue needed all round I think! Apart from George (Epeius) – literally nothing upsets him, even when I shake the walker a bit as he comes part. Still a ‘proper’ man, the fillies go a bit giddy when he walks past – they don’t even seem to care when I remind them about all my wins. Hey ho!

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