Ben Haslam Racing | Dancer’s Diary – Week 9
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Dancer’s Diary – Week 9

Dancer’s Diary – Week 9

Good evening,

It’s been a quiet week here at Castle Hill, after Fridge (Freeze A Crowd) declined the horror of Friday night rush hour in Wolverhampton. She was a little disappointed, but quickly cheered up when some of the Middleham Park Racing syndicate came to visit her and the other MPR horses on Saturday. I’ve never met a racehorse who basks in attention quite like she does, and after falling in love with the children who came to visit her, has decided she wants some of her own. I’ve told her she probably needs to win a race first, so her determination to do so has become even stronger – I’ve even caught her stretching in her stable late at night. So long as it helps!image

Percy (Sir Prancealot x Beguiler) (left) was also showing off massively. An equine Adonis – so the fillies say – I’m worried his ego is growing rather large, but luckily June keeps him in check every morning. I have a feeling when he’s finally stopped growing, he’s going to rather leave me for dust, but I’m certainly not telling him that!

Arnie (Pivotal x Respondez) is the most laid back 2 year old Colt I’ve ever met, though he does perk up when a filly walks by – so your typical teenager really! He completed his first bit of upsides this week with Henry (Sir Prancealot x Greenflash), and seems to have suddenly realised that being a racehorse is quite fun. Indeed, he almost came steaming past me this morning, and Terry looked delighted and shocked at the top. Isn’t it nice when your lazy teenager finally realises there is more to life then eating, sleeping and admiring girls!image

It’s been a highly confusing week weather wise, with deep snow, heavy rain and bright sunshine in equal measures (Henry, right, in the snow). Not sure if I’m just getting older, but it doesn’t half play havoc with my fur coat! We’ve kept going through it all though, and the older horses are also stepping up a gear and did some easy bits of upsides work this week. Bops (Lord Bopper) was particuarly delighted as he managed to match strides with Gorgeous George (Epeius) – unraced, Bops refused to stop growing last year, but is really forging forward this year. He’s decided he wants to come out quite early, so is giving me earache asking for advice.

I’ve been particuarly sprightly this week – Alice told me she’s on a wedding diet, so I’ve been doing my bit and making sure she sweats every morning. Aren’t I good – in fact, I’m considering doing my own Fitness Bootcamp And DVD – apparently everyone’s doing it these days! I’ve been seeing lots of my field, so I suspect I’m probably going to be announcing my next run in my next diary entry – happiness comes at a cost! Apart from that, we’ve got another quiet week ahead, but with the flat season only three weeks away, it’s full steam ahead getting everyone’s heads straight before then!

Until next time


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