Ben Haslam Racing | Dancer’s Diary – Week 8
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Dancer’s Diary – Week 8

Dancer’s Diary – Week 8

Good evening.

imageAlice returned from her Hen Do this weekend, and appeared to have aged at least ten years – apparently that’s a sign of a good time?! I’ll never understand humans! Naturally, I eased her slowly back into the yard by taking off with her, but I think she was too sleepy to notice. I’ll just have to try again tomorrow! Shame it didn’t snow like last week – that might have woken her up (left, Terry, June, Lord Bopper and Epeius enjoying the blizzard)!

Sadly I have no winners to report from last week, but Ben seems generally pleased with our performances. On a personal note, I understand my performance didn’t look that impressive at Wetherby, but I did show Ben a couple of signs that I am forgiving him for The Blinker Debacle. I consented to finish my race and am looking forward to some better ground – these old legs don’t go through the mud like they used to! (Below, me looking very gorgeous pre-race)image

We were a bit confused by Whisky (Whisky Marmalade) who’s refusing to talk about it, except to say that she got bumped rather aggressively a couple of times – she looks like the kind of girl to want a fight, but this wasn’t the case last Monday. Now, it’s rather a shame that beautiful track at Newcastle is being dug up, but she’s quite excited – it should suit her, so we’re looking forward to that opening in the near future.

Fridge (Freeze A Crowd) is really upset and the girls have been all trying to console her – she really thought she was going to win, but nearly got bought down on the bend. However, as I keep reminding her, it was a stellar effort to come 5th after that, and I’m sure she will get in the winners enclosure soon. I’m keeping my own devastation quiet – a 5/1 shot, William Hill gave us a lovely 50/1 chance just before the race – I should be in the Bahamas by now! She might get another chance on Friday, which, as she puts it, she’s ‘getting in the zone’ for – aka faffing around with pirouettes – and I hope she gets a clear run this time. Bet she won’t be 50/1 though!¬†Charlie (Camanche Grey) took all my advice a little bit far and for the first time in his career almost tried too hard – he ran a nice race to finish 4th which bodes well for the immediate future however.

imageApart from Fridge, it looks like we’re focusing on everyone at home this week. Ben is delighted with the 2 year olds, though Cassie (Castle Hill Cassie) is begging me to ask Ben if she can just go really fast each day. I keep telling her she’s not finished growing, but she refuses to listen. The fact she’s bigger than me doesn’t help convince her! Personally, I’m a big fan of Loopy (Lope De Vega x Al Basar) (left) – he seems a chilled out bachelor like myself, and his size would make him a useful allie on the yard! However, I’ve had to lead Henry (Sir Prancealot x Greenflash) for the last couple of days and I am not pleased- he’s faster then me. How dare he!

See you next week!





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