Ben Haslam Racing | Dancer’s Diary – week 6
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Dancer’s Diary – week 6

Dancer’s Diary – week 6

Good evening,

Ben should count himself lucky that I am writing my diary this week, as I’m still refusing to acknowledge his existence after last weeks debacle at Sedgefield. I will, grudgingly, admit that maybe a tiny bit of the blame lies with me, and maybe I shouldn’t have bolted up the grass with Alice like my tail was on fire when he put those confounded blinkers on me at home, but then he probably should have remembered that I do that every day anyway. I never thought he’d put those things anywhere near me on a racecourse – announcing to everyone that he thinks I’m an ‘old git’ or a ‘non-trier’! (Not his words, but that’s what they implied to me.)

Things weren’t improved when I wasn’t allowed my own way in the lead, and once I’d lost my shoe in that awful ground I decided it was time to return home slowly, with my dignity intact. I gave Ben a bonkimage on the head when I got in to show him how I felt (shame he wasn’t hungover this time), and I think it’s fair to say he won’t be trying that trick again! In his defence, he gave me a nice, public apology and I’ve had plenty of field time since. I might start acknowledging him tomorrow, if just for the sake of the other horses – God knows how he’d train them without me!

There has been so much fuss in the yard today, which meant only one thing – it’s blooming Valentines Day again. As an established bachelor, this means little and less to me, though I did blow a kiss at Whisky for her win the other day – got to make the big girl feel appreciated after all! Henry (Sir Prancealot x Greenflash) finally got brave enough to wave a hoof at Cassie (Castle Hill Cassie), who was delighted as she’s been batting her eyelids all week at him. Toby (Stimulation x Psychic’s Dream) lookedimage upset for a few minutes, but was quick to console himself with a bucket of nuts. Food wins over all for that one! (Above, Henry and Toby racing for Cassies heart!) Gorgeous George (Epeius) (right) is snowed in with valentines cards from all the fillies, but remains too cool to have sent any himself, though I think he rather fancys Joy (Any Joy). Not that he’d ever let on – he says he’s made to be chased, not chase. I told him that was all well and good, so long as he applies it to the racecourse!

Luckily, the big yearling colts have been diverted from such silly musings by the stepping up of their work this week – Arnie (Pivotal x Respondez) (below), Loopy (Lope De Vega) and Percy (Sir Prancealot x Beguiler) have their heads full of dreams of becoming champion racehorses this week, not fillies. Sensible men if you ask me! The trio are built like they should be playing in the Six Nations at the moment, so haven’t been pushed early. They are starting to step up now though, so spend their spare time sleeping and eating. All three look very nice, and I approve of them hugely.image

I also blew a kiss to Lynxy (Riverlynx) to wish her luck for tomorrow when she heads to Wolverhampton for a 7 furlong handicap. Though I might take it back if she fails to follow my advice on jumping out the stalls this time round! She looks in fighting form – God she’s noisy – and I’ve told her if she can reproduce half of what she shows at home, she should have a good chance. Fingers crossed she has her sensible head on.

Until next time,



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  • Yorkshiredaleslover
    Posted at 20:24h, 19 February Reply

    Have been following your in depth updates since you started revealing what really is going on at the coal face. Looking forward to meeting up with you at Wetherby races next week to cheer you home . Keep up the good work as we really enjoy the wisdom that can only come direct from a horses mouth.

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