Ben Haslam Racing | Dancers Diary – Week 4
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Dancers Diary – Week 4

Dancers Diary – Week 4

imageGood evening.

It has taken a fair bit of persuading from Alice and Ben to convince me to put my hoof to paper this week, as it is fair to say I am NOT impressed with Ben. He had the temerity to disappear this weekend to his Stag Do (right – my smoking jacket would have looked much better than theirs!)- and he didn’t even invite me. I have just about got over not being Best Man – I understood when he explained the speech might be tricky – but as his best friend and mentor, I thought I at least warranted a chance to go and drink myself silly and forget the diet for a weekend. I’m refusing to even look at his photos I’m so upset, and rather insensitively he keeps telling everyone how great it was in my presence. I did slightly cheer myself up this morning though – he looked a little the worse for wear so I bopped him over the head with my chin just to check he was still awake. The resulting scream indicated he was.

Anyway, Alice has stuffed me full of polos aimagend let me bolt around the grass gallops with her once a day, so I eventually consented – though it’s been a steady week here. Mo has finally convinced me to stop telling him how nice mud is by displaying to us very clearly his distaste for it at Catterick – on the plus side, he managed a nice, safe round of jumping, which is always a relief when one has taken a tumble on the previous outing. He’s been doing an interesting anti-rain dance in his stable ever since, which consists of leaping in the air whilst squealing loudly. Fair to say, I’m not impressed by this, and the current Storm Henry suggests it isn’t really working: not that he cares when I point this out.

Talking about Henry, I was delighted when his breeder got in touch with me after reading my thoughts on him. She very kindly sent me a picture of him as a foal (above)- he’s changed a lot, though you can still see that rather cocky glint in his eye letting you know how important he reckons he is! Turns out, he was born in the West of Ireland, which goes some way to explain why he doesn’t care about the current weather – a maimagen after my own heart! His old nickname, before the poor boy got lumbered with Henry, was Timka – meaning ‘to sprint’ in Swahili. I’m rather keen on this and it certainly suits him!

Storm Henry is providing me with plenty of entertainment as it means the fillies and more backwards yearlings are confined to the trotting ring so as not to put them off galloping for the rest of their life! Luckily, I have a good view of this – and it’s hilarious. For me, not the jockeys, but they seem to be keeping there humour remarkably well during the occasional rodeo show. (Right, we have Toby and June debating whether it’s actually more fun to just relax in this weather – told you he was a dude of a 2 year old!)

No runners this week for me to report on, which has meant a small lull in the boasting and chattering, as well as the constant requests for advice – my ears are delighted!

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