Ben Haslam Racing | Dancer’s Diary – Week 33
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Dancer’s Diary – Week 33

Dancer’s Diary – Week 33

Good evening,

IMG_1640So winter has arrived in a bit of a hurry this year, and my stablemates and I had a bit of a shock waking up this morning to see the world covered in a 15032235_10157732721465504_4975765460237901704_nrather thick layer of white stuff! Ben naturally immediately turned me out in it, which I had rather mixed feelings towards as you imagine… (left) I was, however, much braver than the puppy JP, who seems to think the snow is definitely out to get him and spent most of the day shivering by the heater, wrapped up in about three jackets – and I thought Jack Russells were meant to be tough! The big jumpers had a great time, ploughing through the snow up the seven furlong canter with great joy – must be the Irish coming out in them! (The Doorman and Mr Mole, right.)

We have had a busy week here schooling, with Middleham Park’s Giant Redwood learning the ropes from me about hurdles (below, left). He is proving to be very good over them, which is no surprise really as he is copying the master! He looks neat and quick and 14991263_1489011081114782_3810365673062663669_oI am personally really looking forward to seeing what he can do over the obstacles. It seems to have given him a new lease of life as well, and he is becoming really quite boisterous – I might have to 15002241_1489010867781470_7014557834155248760_oremind him who the boss is soon! I have also, much to Alice’s alarm, found myself schooling back over Chase fences (right). Ben is apparently keen to exploit my Novice status over the larger fences, which means Alice is having to take a lot of Rescue Remedy – though she really should have more faith in me! My last run over them may well have been in 2007, but I’m game and so is Richie so off we go! As I keep reminding her, I’m pretty damn clever so those young novices better watch themselves!

Dursey Sound put up a nice performance yesterday at Sedgefield to come 5th. He had a little setback at Hereford after his win at Hexham, so we were hoping he would go out and enjoy himself again, and he certainly did that! He put in a really good round of jumping, which isn’t always his forte, so hopefully he can progress again from this back into the winner’s enclosure.

14962547_10154726726233256_6625167465962164387_nThe yearlings are coming along well, and I have been having the time of my life leading them for their first foray onto the Moor (left)- though irritatingly not one of them budged when I did my usual tricks! Don’t worry, I have a few things up my sleeves for them to come! The colts by Lord Shanakill, Dandy Man and Camacho are now heading up onto the three, where they are hacking away nicely. They all seem to have cracking temperaments on them, and I am looking forward to the days we get to go faster! JP has been keeping a close eye on them, though I reckon my tutoring may well be more helpful than his!

We have a quiet week ahead of us on the racecourse, but things are as hectic as ever here, so I will keep you updated on how all the babies are progressing!

Until next time


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