Ben Haslam Racing | Dancers Diary – week 3
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Dancers Diary – week 3

Dancers Diary – week 3

Good evening,

Apologies it has been a couple of weeks, I’ve been busy trying to sort out my headache from the over excited chatter going on in the yard. It was bad enough before those blooming fillies even got to the races, but since they have returned you would think one of them has won the Oaks!

Grudgingly, I feel a bit sorry for Riverlynx, even if I do sometimes long for a different neighbour. She was so thrilled to be finally going for an outing, but apparently got too excimageited and forgot to jump out the stalls with the others. No matter how many times I’ve drummed it into her head that this is just not helpful on the all-weather, she seems to lose here senses occasionally. Shame I can’t stand next to her at the races! Anyway, she had a fairly horrible time of it and has come back a bit beaten up after a very rough race – still, she says she enjoyed it and kept going when all hope was lost to finish a not disgraced 6th. She promises she’ll remember to jump out properly next time and that must surely aid her chances!

I am, however, thrilled for Whisky Marmalade (right, entering the winners enclosure) who has finally managed to win a race – I even allow her her boasting, not just because she’s nearly (not quite!) out of ears reach. Whisky is, officially, a giant of a filly – the equine Ronda Rousey – and I certainly wouldn’t mess with her! I kept telling Ben she would show what’s she made of this year, now she’s got her legs sorted out and all going in the right direction, and she certainly proved me right. Mind you, she had my heart going round the last turn – she found the bends at Wolves quite a trial – and I was pretty sure she was going to come last. However, Raul De Silva clearly heard my prayers and she shot off like a rocket had gone up her bottom to overhaul the leader in the last strides. She is still slightly stunned by the whole event, and spent the first night muttering ‘I won’ whilst staring into space. However, she’s finally come back down to earth and is now telling all aimagend sundry that she’s aiming for the double – I’m buying some ear muffs.

It is great to get off the mark for 2016 – Ben is so pleased I almost feel I can ask him to forget my diet for a day and let me out in the field. An unfortunate side effect has been Amy’s high spirits – her singing is certainly loud… But the less said about the tuning the better! I might try and get her bucked off her yearling this week if she keeps going. The two year olds eyes have grown wide as saucers hearing about Whiskys last minute swoop, and Henry (Sir Prancealot x Greenflash) has already started planning his own- indeed, he was practising this morning and I could hardly believe it when he dared come upside me! Insufferable.

The two year olds are blooming flying now, which is exciting for Ben and upsetting for me. At least I get to take them up the big boys canter now, where I get to run away with Alice which slightly mollified me. I’m quite keen on Toby (Stimulation x Psychic’s Dream) (above). He knows his place (behind me) but is keeping up beautifully and has lovely manners.

Ben has threatened that I might be going to a racecourse on Wednesday with Mo (Ever So Much) for a run in a hurdle race at Catterick. The weather forecast indicated it might be my favourite weather – a massive storm – but Mo looks a bit disconsolate at the idea. I’ll try and win him round to it by raceday! However, though I do like storms (don’t tell Mo this bit) I’m not so keen on soft ground, so Ben has upped my spirits by letting me know I might reroute to Sedgefield – having already visited the winners enclosure there an impressive four times, I’m quite keen on this idea and will be steadily influencing Ben to opt for that over the next couple of days.

Wish me luck.


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