Ben Haslam Racing | Dancer’s Diary – Week 23
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Dancer’s Diary – Week 23

Dancer’s Diary – Week 23

Good evening!

I have some serious earache tonight from Mo (Ever So Much), so I have retreated into my writing area. He was terribly upset not to complete the treble at Cartmel, after failing to handle a single FullSizeRenderbit of the tight track round there to finish 5th. In his defence, he also lost a shoe and was a bit sore the next day. He doesn’t seem to get much happier when I remind him that it helps to have an athletic figure, a la moi, rather then his big gut for that particular course – this might seem a little harsh, but he’s always telling me his diet starts tomorrow and I feel he needs some motivation! He and Ben seem to have that in common – I am surrounded by gluttons! Anyway, his misery has been compounded after the arrival of another horse from J.P. McManus arrived today, and he no longer has the distinction of being the only horse here to wear those green and gold colours. Even worse, the new lad looks exceptionally slim and athletic, rendering Mo inconsolable. Saint Charles (left), as he is called, is totally impervious to the uproar he has caused, and seems to have the highborn manners to suit his name. A winner over hurdles, Ben is looking highly excited at the thought of getting him out and about, and I have already had a word with him about the 60% strike rate the yard has over jumps this summer, gently letting him know he better be putting his best hoof forward!

We have entries everywhere over the weekend, with Nottingham, Carlisle and Beverly all having the possibility of being graced with our horseboxes presence. Henry (Vaux) (right) has a few entries, which he is very excited about naturally, though his attention recently has been diverted by learning circus tricks – I really do try and keep this lot under control, but some days I just give up! He can now stick his tongue out on command, which I have said isVaux fine so long as he does it should he ever end up in a photo finish! He is in fine fettle as ever, though I have suggested to Ben that next time he goes out we maybe apply some cheekpieces. He is in no way ungenuine, but apt to get rather distracted when it matters, and I think a little bit of focus is no bad thing for Mr Enthusiastic. He is very excited about getting to wear the yellow and white colours of Ontoawinner again, especially after being rather awed into silence by their superfilly Quiet Reflection’s performance at Royal Ascot – what a machine, and of course the best celebration of the meeting by far from the owners! Top hats were flying everywhere as scenes reminiscent of a world cup winning goal took place in the winner’s enclosure, and how wonderful to see a great victory being celebrated with the enthusiasm it merits. Indeed, they put even Henry’s energy to shame!

IMG_9060Our very pretty (apparently, I wouldn’t know of course) filly from Goresbridge was rather stunned by the Ascot performance as well, particularly as the implications of her new name sunk in – may I introduce Quiet Moment (Dandy Man X Easee On) (left)! So not much to live up to then! She has a few entries on Saturday, and we are really looking forward to getting her out for the Ontawinner Syndicate and part owner’s  Spee Fox-Andrews, Lynn Douglas and Gary Walker. She has been flying along at home, and as long as she copes with the atmosphere of the racecourse first time out, we are hopeful of a nice start to her career. I am personally quite a fan, as she is very professional and enjoys her job – and generally leaves me alone! Robbie Fitzpatrick has been an absolute star with her at home, and I think has developed rather a soft spot for her.

Op (Operateur) may head to Nottingham on Saturday for a 1 mile 6 furlong handicap. He has very full of himself at home recently, and refuses to stop talking. When he is in this mood, I have to beg Ben to go out on different lots to me, and he has been busy entertaining the 2 year olds colts who are still to polite to tell him to shut up! Another one with a rather rotund figure, he has been slightly better then Mo at sticking to his diet, and hopefully we will see a resurgence of the horse who won 4 handicaps on the bounce (then again, he never shuts up about that!).

Anyway, some of those want more rain and some want less, so keep an eye on the declarations for what eventually goes where!

Until next time



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