Ben Haslam Racing | Dancer’s Diary – Week 17
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Dancer’s Diary – Week 17

Dancer’s Diary – Week 17

Good evening!

Charlies ApprovalIt would appear that North Yorkshire has swapped weather with the Bahamas at the moment, much to mine and the others relief! The last of the winter coats have finally be shed and I must say, we all look rather marvellous! Though June says she’s nearly had enough of me, as my plentiful field time means I apparently represent a mud sculpture every evening – I’ve told her hard work is good for her, but she just sighs loudly back.

The good news of the week is that we all witnessed rather a miraculous performance at Thirsk. 3rd place in a seller may not, on the face of it, sound like a reason to get the champers out, but the fact that Charlie’s Approval (above) managed to perform like a racehorse certainly was! Her five runs so far have been, not to be rude, rather uninspiring, but luckily Ben listened to my advice and stuck some blinkers on this rather distracted filly (probably looking at Gorgeous George (Epeius)). Anyway, Mo (Ever So Much) and I had a conflab, and having watched Charlie neatly disappear across the Moor with Raul Da Silva, reckoned 66/1 was a good each way bet (as I hinted last week to those who were paying attention!). Not beaten far, had the pace been a bit stronger she may well have been in the winning spot, and it’s great to see this filly finally on the upward curve and looking like she may soon reward owner Lee Ashmore’s patience! I’m certainly rather more fond of her now I can afford to buy a pair of Ray Bans for the current heatwave! image

Joy (Any Joy) and Lekki (Lady Lekki) had clearly discussed the same, and essentially wrong, tactics for how to handle a bend – why don’t they listen to me! Joy and I went for a jolly to Chester – and what a jolly it was! I was most impressed by Joy’s behaviour, but unfortunatly a combination of not handling the tight turns and gawping at some of the interesting ‘sights’ – some of those dresses were enough to give one a heart attack! – meant she didn’t put her best hoof forward. However, she assures me she is now a lot more worldly wise and I remain confident she is a nice horse for the future. Lekki went to Thirsk, where she proceeded to go round every turn on the wrong leg, and resent every stride of the sticky ground, but pleased Graham Lee by passing five horses in the last furlong to finish a respectable 6th. Still very lightly raced, there’s plenty left in the tank.

This week, the gauntlet falls to Mo (above, with Percy (Sir Prancealot x Beguiler))¬†and I (left, chilling by my castle) at Sedgefield tomorrow. It’ll make a nice change to go to a racecourse and be allowed to strut my stuff I must say! Richie Mclernon rides both of us, and I’m sure I can show him a thing or two about jumping a hurdle! I was rather pleased to see the Hi Dancer sunbathinghandicapper is finally taking notice of my stately age, and I’m carrying a far more sensible weight of 10 stone – thank the Lord for that! Mo is keen to get back to his chase fences, though I have to say his belly looks like it could do with the outing – I wouldn’t tell him though, he gets awfully sensitive and starts mentioning his ‘big bones’ – ahem.

Wish us luck anyway!


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