Ben Haslam Racing | Dancer’s Diary – Week 14
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Dancer’s Diary – Week 14

Dancer’s Diary – Week 14


I am delighted to report that this week, I am able to write down my thoughts whilst sunbathing in my beloved field – what heaven! It’s a huge relief as I was getting concerned that the Yorkshire Gods has got a bit confused and thought it was December, with minus temperatures and snow last week! Highly upsetting, but they seem to have got themselves in order now – let’s hope it continues! image

Wibble (Man Of La Mancha) (left) is booked in for a few lectures this week, as I’m a little cross with him for his run at Ripon. In his defence, he still has a lot of strengthening to do, but nowhere in the Racehorse Guidebook does it stipulate one has to be a deep sea diver! He jumped out the gates like a bullet and took the field along nicely, doing me proud, before the silly twit got it into his head to see how long he could hold his breath for! Adding this to bottomless ground does not a winning combination make, but I (and he) are confident that some decent groundimage and a few deep breaths will see a big improvement!

We are looking fairly busy this week, with Moonie (Moon Over Rio) (right)and Op (Operatuer) getting the ball rolling at Catterick tomorrow. Both are heading for the same race, and I think Op is going to bite Moon soon if she reminds him that she currently leads 1-0 in their meets so far! Personally, my money is on the eager, excitable Moon as Op is a bit if a fatty and may just come on for the run. Poor boy, only has to look at an oat and it’s an extra inch on the tummy! Not a problem I have, of course.

Joy (Any Joy) is looking forward hugely to her first outing on Friday, where she is heading to Doncaster. Stabled next to me, I’m having a hard time passing on my words of wisdom – she’s pretty stubborn and reckon she knows the game already. The cheek! Extremely self confident, with quite the swagger, we are all looking forward to seeing what she can do in the 6 furlong fillies maiden. At least it’ll give June’s arms a day off – she doesn’t half like to get on with things!

imageHenry (Vaux) (Left, having some ‘doctor green’) appears to have self titled himself ‘Lord of the Two Year Olds,’ as he holds the first entry from that over enthusiastic bunch. He is hoping he’ll get the chance to show off at Donny on Saturday, though will be the first to be balloted if it comes to that so may head to Southwell instead. I’m not going to tell him, as I fear that ego won’t fit in the stalls, but he looks magnificent and is exceptionally fresh and well. Indeed, he followed me up the canter this morning and I was thoroughly tired of his boasting, so naturally took off with Alice to show him a thing or two – imagine my shock when he was still behind me! However, I think he’ll learn a lot for his outing – like a bright, overactive child he finds his schoolwork almost too easy, and it might just take this first exam for him to realise what hard work is! I hope he gives his lovely owners, Ontoawinner, a good day out.

Anyway, I wish them all luck! Until next time,


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