Ben Haslam Racing | Dancers Diary – part 2
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Dancers Diary – part 2

Hello again.

I am glad to report the carrots have been sufficient in numbers for me to agree to continue with my ‘stable survelliance,’ as I now like to call it. I was also secretly quite pleased when Alice grudgingly reported how much more people seemed to enjoy my insights than hers – of course, I was too polite to grin in front of her… much.

I’ve had a right old week here since I last spoke to you. My personal masseuse was summoned on Monday as I was pointedly refusing to finish my dinners until I was attended to – a sure fire way to get Ben’s attention when merely trying to unship Alice doesn’t do it. Marike is one of my favourite people in the world, even if she does insist on talking to me in a bizaimagerre language – she’s definitely not a northerner! Her hands are magic though, and I was delighted to return to my old self (the staff weren’t so sure – apparently I’m really strong, but I think they just need to learn that fast is fun.) Percy (Sir Prancealot x Beguiler yearling colt) is such a swot though, he’s been doung yoga to try and impress Marike (right). Luckily I don’t need such tricks to be her favourite. Anyway, I am going out with the older horses again (boring) and Op (Operateur) has taken over my role. Upsettingly, the yearlings say he’s much better at scaring them which put me in a bit of a huff, but I’m sure I’ll get my chance to remedy that!

Mo is still blooming grumbling. He has, eventually, got over the loss of AP, but has moved on to the incessant rain. Personally, I love the stuff but he’s far too soft. He has rather an aversion to getting his feet muddy (doesn’t like ruining his white sock – I mean, honestly!) so is having to wait for some dry weather before he is allowed back on a racecourse. This upsets me as well, I was rather looking forward to having a day off from the moaning! He gets really grumpy when I remind him there are horses far worse off – I hope everyone in Cumbria and Scotland are ok, and have found a warm, dry stable.

I’m getting it in the neck from my other side as well – Lynxy (Riverlynx) decided to get stuck upside down in her box the morning she was meant to go to Chelmsford. Luckily I was on hand to alert the troops to get her back up the right way, but her big day out was rather scuppered. She has been reassured there should be a race for her this week, so long as she behaves.

Fridge (Freeze A Crowd) has been doing rather ┬álot of excited gabbling since she came back from Chelmsford, and from the bits of over excited squeaking I could make out, has finally realised what being a racehorse means (we can’t all be blessed with brains). She made it to the winners enclosure with a good effort in 2nd place – I told her a win would be nice so she’s promised she will deliver next time. Ben put a tongue-tie on her, and she is still rather amazed by the fact she could breathe. She has just revealed to the rest of us that she kept trying to swallow her tongue last year – when I aimagesked her why she would do this foolish thing she kept muttering about cheekbones and being on TV – God help me! Thankfully I think she’s realised coming home in front is far more attractive than sucking in your cheekbones at the back! She’s developed rather a crush on Graham Lee, who called her a sweet filly who tries – hopefully, now she knows she can breathe she will progress from this.

The yearlings are also getting quite vocal these days – Cassie (Castle Hill Cassie) and Henry (Sir Prancealot x Greenflash) (right) in particular. Like teenagers, they reckon they know it all now and have stopped listening to me. Cassie even called me Grandpa the other day, can you believe it! They heard Ben saying he was rather keen on them, and it’s totally gone to their heads. I do like there owners though – a rather fun looking syndicate called ontoawinner. I would highly recommend checking them out – might even have a dabble myself when I finally retire!

Until next week