Ben Haslam Racing | Dancer’ Diary – Week 13
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Dancer’ Diary – Week 13

Dancer’ Diary – Week 13

Good evening!

I am delighted to say that the bubbly has continued to pour down here in Middleham when the imagenewlyweds got given their perfect wedding present today. Now, Lekki (Lady Lekki) (left, with June) may be quite the madam in the stable, but her generosity was never in doubt this afternoon when she battled hard at Redcar to reward the yard with our first flat winner of the season. Ben was umming and ahhing over a distance short of her ideal trip, but luckily I was there to guide him in his decision – what would he do without me! Turns out, Lekki is as stubborn on the track as she is off it, and she didn’t half try today. Graham Lee (what a jockey!) led the whole way, and for an agonising moment she looked like getting overtaken in the final furlong. She didn’t give in though, and soldiered on to win by a head in heavy ground. She has come back delighted with herself, and I’ve had to go nice in the corner of my stable to get any peace at all! Poor June got dragged by the ebullient winner from one side of Redcar to the other by the looks of things, but I guess we have to let Lekki enjoy her moment! I’m pretty sure there’s more to come for her brilliantly fun syndicate Go Alfresco, and I’m very relieved I put her in my four to follow! Let’s hope Lekki’s jubilance remains and we can all avoid getting bitten for at least a week.

Moonie (Moon Over Rio) (below) is now quivering with anticipation for Wednesday, where she is determined to secure us another night of bubbly (God help me, my hangovers are getting bad in my teenage years!) ¬†Moonie has the personality of an over enthusiastic springer spaniel – excitable and inexhaustible – but I have rather a soft spot for her. It is, after all, rather entertaining watching her trying to chuck Amy over her head as she heads flat out for the gallop every day. If only every racehorse had her zest for life! She is heading for Beverley, where like Lady Lekki the trip of 1 mile is a bit shorter then ideal, but it looks like her beloved heavy ground will be making an appearance so will be a good place to start her imageseason. The maestro Graham Lee will be trying to work his magic once more. She looks as well as I have ever seen her, and has the obvious benefit of being my next door neighbour – how could she fail to pick up loads of wisdom and clever tactics!? Getting her to listen to me for more then 5 minutes is the main challenge…

imageBopper (Lord Bopper) (left) and Wibble (Man Of La Mancha) are very excited, as their first start of the season is now in sight! Both are entered in a mile maiden at Ripon on Thursday, and a rather competitive atmosphere has settled over the back boxes. Bopper is particuarly delighted, as this will be his first trip out and he can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. Wibble, with his huge experience of one run, is therefore filling his head with the idea that there is a demon behind every furlong pole, but hopefully he’s got the sense not to listen! Two nice horses, they will both likely come on for thimagee experience.

Charlie (Camanche Grey) may be off to Thirsk on Saturday to make amends for his performance at Wolverhampton. I have been giving him the silent treatment, but have nearly got over it and I think he realises it’s time to get back to winning ways – I hope! He likes Thirsk, having won there before, so hopefully the 5 furlong trip will work to his strengths once more.

On the home front, Toby (Bourbonisto) and Henry (Vaux) have been having a right old time jumping out of stalls and racing each other up the three. Much to my chagrin, this still hasn’t got their backs down and I have never met such an energetic bunch – particuarly Henry who appears to have come without an off button. It bodes well, however, so I will put up with their exhausting energy for the time being!

I have also put in a picture of Gorgeous George (above) for all his female fans, just to show how much we all love our turnout here – even the colts get their go!

Right, I’m off for more bubbles! Until next time,


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